Theatre Sleepover

A London theatre is to stage a show which involves the audience changing into their nightwear and sleeping over in single beds.

Lullaby, produced by the Duckie theatre company, will transform the Barbican's pit theatre into a bedroom complete with en suite bathroom cubicles. Storytelling and cradle song will be followed by a night's sleep and a breakfast the next morning.

'Every time I go to the theatre I fall asleep, so I thought why don't we embrace that idea and make a show that deliberately send people to sleep?' said producer Simon Casson.

Joyful Waving

A bearded old man who sits by the road between two seaside resorts waving at passing cars has become an internet star. The man -who calls himself Moses-Peter- has spent years perched on a chair waving at passers-by for hours at a time.

Motorists have now set up a Facebook called "Strange Old Man Who Sits On A Bench On the Road Between Torquay and Paignton" which has attracted more than 10,000 followers, many of them holidaymakers.

"It gives me an overwhelming sense of happiness when he waves at me. This man is, somehow, magical", says one driver. The mystery man has refused to explain his actions, simply stating "I am spreading a message of joy, love and happiness."

Live and Let Leave

Latvian tourist chiefs scrapped a campaign after their slogan was mistranslated into 'Easy to go, hard to live.'

The Latvian tourist board planned the campaign to promote the capital city of Riga to English-speaking travelers. They hoped to show off the city's cultural highlights to turn around Riga's image as a destination for wild stag parties.

The message was however completely ruined by one simple mistake. 'It is very embarrassing. It was of course meant to say hard to leave' a spokesman admitted, 'but apparently nobody checked it properly before the leaflets and posters went to the printers.'