Hippie Dictionary

Are you feeling screwed, blued and tattooed because the man slipped it to you? Like, stay loose, hit the pad and share a thumb with your pash. Huh?

If that made no sense to you, check out "The Hippie Dictionary". Using this book to translate, readers come up with a more conventional: "Are you feeling mistreated by the authorities? Relax, go home to bed and share a very large marijuana cigarette with your significant other."

However those expecting the dictionary to be a reference work, are in for a jolt. The book is full of slang and swear words culled from the vernacular of the 1960s and 1970s hippie youth, who questioned authority and created their own counterculture.

Among the book's gems are "absofuckinglutely" (without a doubt), "hey man" (the most prevalent greeting of the era) and "swacked" (high on drugs or alcohol). In fact, the book's entry for the term "hippie" said, "The true hippie believes in and works for truth, generosity, peace, love and tolerance. The messengers of sanity in a world filled with greed, intolerance and war."

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