Some Rolling Stones with Your Wine?

Music can influence the taste of wine. Different types of music stimulate different parts of the brain, and prime us to taste wines in a corresponding way.

Researchers have discovered that when a powerful piece of music such as Carmina Burana is heard, a Cabernet Sauvignon is perceived as being 60% more powerful, rich and robust than when no music is heard.

Other suggested music included 'Honky Tonk Woman' by the Rolling Stones to accompany Cabernet Sauvignon.

The Power of Money

By texting 'How do I return the 2,000 yuan I owe you?' to her stolen cell-phone, a woman named Ajuan managed to retrieve the phone and catch the greedy thief red-handed.

The suspect stole Ajuan's cell phone but she baited him several days later by sending the text message and asking for his bank account number. He instantly replied with his wife's account number but immediately headed to the bank when Ajuan suggested that he open a new account.

Police nabbed him as he was about to text Ajuan his new account number.

Flight Diverted After Beer Stolen

An Air Canada Flight was diverted after a passenger stole beer from the drinks trolley. The flight from Vancouver to Fort McMurray, Alberta, was diverted to Kelowna, BC, where Police arrested the 23-year-old thief.

Police said the passenger had stolen beer from a drink trolley and tried to flush the empty cans down the 50-seat jet's toilet to dispose of the evidence. The man faces several charges.

Keep Your Hands Clean

A British prison said a bunch of inmates were caught with their hands clean - using hand sanitizing gel to get drunk.

Peter McParlin of the Prison Officers Association said inmates were using it to make illicit alcohol. The gel had been distributed around the prison to stop the spread the the swine flu virus.

The prison banned inmates from using it and McParlin said the use of illicit concoctions made by mising alcohol with fruit, water and sugar was as bad as drug use - o worse.

Let the Music Play and Become a Marine Love Machine

An Aquarium which piped the music of Barry White into a tank to encourage two sharks to breed says the tactic has paid off.

Bosses at the Sea Life London Aquarium say the legendary 'walrus of love' has transformed shy shark Zorro into a marine love machine.

The therapy has worked so well that staff are now having to warn guests about his frisky behavior as it is very public, very frequent and looks far from romantic: "We are absolutely delighted that Zorro is finally getting it together with his intended but the courtship rituals of the zebra shark can appear quite violent and some guests have been a little alarmed."

What's Your Name?

A film-mad Norwegian changed his name to Julius Andreas Gimli Arn MacGyver Chewbacca Highlander Elessar-Jankov.

The man, formerly known as just Andreas Jankov, said his best loved films were Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, and also MacGyver.

'I wanted to make a name for myself - literally. It's a tribute to them for all the hours of pleasure I have had watching them. It also reflects the fact that there is a part of every one of those characters which I would like to be like.'

Return to Sender

Police in Poland have arrested a man for a series of raids in which he allegedly climbed into large parcels and posted himself to businesses.

Stanislaw Muchy, 39, would then apparently climb out at night after staff had clocked off and burgle the premises. He made his getaway by sealing both himself and his loot into another box addressed to his Warsaw home, say police.

His scheme came to an end after he fell out with an accomplice, whose job was to deliver hin to courier firms, who contacted police. After being tipped off, police said: "We arranged a special delivery of our own."

Everest's Spring Clean Up

Twenty climbers set off to Mount Everest to try and remove decades-old garbage from the mountain in the world's highest ever clean-up campaign.

Many climbers have cleaned Mount Everest in the past but no one had dared to clean above 8,000 meters, an area known as the "death zone" for the lack of oxygen and treacherous terrain.

The climbers will risk the zone's thin air and freezing temperatures to pick up empty oxygen bottles, gas canisters, torn tents, ropes and utensils.

The mountain has become known as being the world's highest garbage dump. Many climbers leave their gear and trash behind as they descend due to exhaustion. The team hopes to bring down at least 2,000 kg of garbage.

Hiding Bad Grades

An 11-year-old US boy faked his own kidnapping to avoid bringing home bad school report. The pupil claimed a man in a red car grabbed him as he left school in Huntsville, Alabama, and forced him into the vehicle.

He claimed that he managed to jump out of the car, leaving behind his school bag which contained his report, and ran to his grandparents' house.

The boy eventually confessed to making the whole thing up to cover up his bad grades. Police said he faced no charges.