Topless Snowlady

Police in New Jersey ordered a snow sculpture modeled on the famous nude Venus de Milo to be covered up after a neighbor complained.

Elisa Gonzalez carved the ancient Greek-style torso from snow on her front lawn and says her work was initially a hit. "We got a lot of attention from people in the neighborhood. Some of them got out and took pictures ans spoke to us".

One neighbor clearly felt the snow nude - headless, armless and cut off above the knees - was too hot.

"We had a visit from the local police who told us that a neighbor had complained about the statue and we needed to cover it up or knock it down. We didn't want to have any problem with the police, so we covered it up".

Please, Rob Me!

Home owners could unintentionally be exposing their empty homes to crime when posting their whereabouts on social network sites.

Two developers have created a website called PleaseRobMe that lists the locations of 'empty houses out there'. The site extracts information from players of the online game Foursquare, which is based on a person's real world location.

The developers designed the website to prove a point about the dangers of sharing precise location information on the internet.