TGV - watch out for the toilets

A passenger on a French train had to be rescued by firemen after having his arm sucked down the on-board toilet.

The victim was trapped when he tried to fish out his mobile phone, which had fallen into the toilet bowl, and fell foul of the suction system.

The TGV train had to stop for two hours on its journey between La Rochelle and Paris while firemen cut through the train's pipework.

"He came out on a stretcher with his hand still jammed in the toilet bowl, which they had to saw clean off," said a witness to the man's plight.

Save money - leave your girlfriend in prison!

A German man left his girlfriend in prison rather than pay her €225 fine. Magdalena Czerwinska was sentenced to 15 days in prison for theft but was told she could pay a fine instead. But when she called her boyfriend to pay the fine on her behalf, he refused.

A German police spokesman said: "People are very worried in the current economic climate and they have to make whatever savings they can. He saw not paying the fine as a simple saving."

It is not clear if Schuster and Czerwinska will stay together when she gets out of prison.