Need someone to change a light bulb or babysit? Rent-a-husband Petteri Ikonen says he is your man for all chores about the house.

"I don't sell sex services at all" stresses Ikonen, a warehouse worker who set up his solo husband rental business, noting that his clients were mainly "lonely women" but included men and families too.

"I've been giving driving lessons, I've sung a birthday serenade, all sort of things", says the entrepreneur who advertises his services on English translation is provided.

Indian Woman Picks Husband on TV

A pregnant Indian woman, torn between two husbands, used a TV show to decide she would return to her first spouse who was freed from a Pakistani jail five years after he was given up as a deserter or dead.

A spokesman of the TV channel said the network had only tried to help Guriya (the Indian woman) have her say.

Parlez-vous Ponglish?

Young Poles living in England have developed their own language "Ponglish" by taking English words and giving them Polish endings, or translating English idioms and grammatical structures literally into Polish.

UK Poles no longer pay 'podatki' (taxes) but British 'taksy'. They spend 'kesh' (cash) take 'offy' (days off) and make 'fony' or 'cally' (phone calls) to their 'frendy' (friends.)

"Young people love it because no-one knows what they're talking about. Neither their Polish parents nor the English adults have got a clue what they're saying," said one Ponglish speaker.