Most ridiculous commute

A man deemed to have the shortests and "most ridiculous commute" in Malmo has won a bicycle as part of a campaign to reduce car traffic in the southern Swedish city.

A man called Lasse Jonsson won the contest after his girlfriend Anna Holm signed him up.

"He drives his car every day less than 200 metres between his home and workplace, nd also drives another few hundred metres to lunch," Sara Forslund told AFP.

Forslund is one of the organisers of Malmo's municipal campaign called "No ridiculous car journeys".

Guns and Buns

A new fast food restaurant in Beirut serves food with a Bang. "Buns and Guns" is decorated to resemble a military post with replica weaponry on the counters and camouflage netting on the ceiling, and diners enjoy their meals to a soundtrack of gunfire.

Juusef Ibrahim presents re-branded Lebanese cuisine such as "rocket-propelled grenade" and "terrorist bread". "They accuse us of terrorism, so let'serve terrorist bread, why not?" Mr Ibrahim told Hezbollah's al-Manar TV.

Also on the menu are dishes called Kalashnikov, Dragunov, Viper and B52. Mr Ibrahim insists the only way his sandwiches could kill the customers is by their generous proportions.

Crook prefers jail to wife

An Italian criminal begged to go back to jail after telling wardens that life behind wars was better than living again with his wife again.

Luigi Folliero, 45, had been freed to serve the second year of his two-year sentence for theft under house arrest.

But after just two days at home he returned to the Ponte San Leonardo jail, near Naples, and begged to go back in his old cell because he could not stand being at home with his wife. He told wardens: "She never stops moaning and nagging."

Traffic Cop Ballet

Romanian traffic police have started taking ballet lessons to make them more graceful. 20 officers from Timisoara have enrolled for classes with two professional dancers.

The Head of community police explained: "We see this as a new concept, a way to make our agents look better on the streets. They can learn how to be agreeable and make the traffic more fluent at the same time."

Theacher Sorin Baltica, who worked for 27 years as a ballet dancer for the Romanian Opera said: "instead of having robots guiding the traffic, we can have very graceful agents doing the same thing."

In the dog house

A would-be mayor is in the dog house after turning packs of stray dogs into living advertisements.

Voters in Bacau, eastern Romania, found that their streets were flooded with dogs, all wearing posters saying 'Vote for Radu Nicolau' on their backs.

Nicolau said 'It's the best way to get my message across. I love dogs and they can spread the word about my campaign to lots of places quicker than me and my campaign team could.'