Fiacrius / Viagra ?

The Dutch town of Breda has decided to rename a new street that was to have been called St. Fiacrius court after people started calling it Viagra court.

The Town Council changed the name to Hofhage after people about to move into a planned housing development complained about the negative associations of living in a street with a name that sounds like the popular impotence drug.

Doctors Get Guide to Yorkshire Slang

Help is at hand for foreign doctors working in Yorkshire whose patients complain of sore lugholes or say they are feeling jiggered and can't stop gripping.

Health officials in Doncaster, South Yorkshire have compiled a guide of local dialect and slang to help a group of seven Austrian doctors - all fluent English speakers - better understand their sometimes thickly accented patients.

The guide includes some terms that are quite vulgar, but the doctors have found it very useful and it's also helped them integrate into life in this area.

They know now that lugholes are ears, feeling jiggered means exhausted and gripping is vomiting. Other terms include doofer for penis, tackle for testicles and popped his clogs for dead.

Bra gives waste the chop

In Japan, lingerie maker Triumph has unveiled a new bra with cups fashioned to look like a bowl of rice and a bowl of miso soup, complete with side pouches to hold compact chopsticks.

The My Hashi or My Chopsticks bra was designed to reduce the waste generated by people throwing away their disposable chopsticks.

The company said the design was in response to a growing trend for Japanese people to carry their own personal chopsticks around so they would not have to use disposable ones provided in restaurants.