Too Saucy for Soho

A spicy chilli sauce sparked fears of a chemical attack in Central London. Police closed off roads and evacuated homes as a cloud of acrid smoke hovered over Soho.

Fire-fighters wearing specialist breathing apparatus broke down the door of a Thai restaurant, only to emerge carrying a huge cooking pot containing dried chillies used to prepare Nam Prik Pao, a red-hot Thai dip served with prawn crackers.

Disco ... Weapon of Choice

Georgian authorities have turned to a new weapon against separatists in South Ossetia: disco.

1970's legends Boney M played a concert in the Georgian-controlled village of Tamarasheni. The concert is part of a wider effort to convince South Ossetian rebels that they would lead more peaceful and prosperous lives under Georgian control.

Publicity Against Mediocrity

Negative advertising works, at least for a Swedish care worker who gave it a try after various attempts at trying to get a new job by more conventional means.

"I want a well-paid job, I have no imagination, I am anti-social, uncreative and untalented" read an advertisement posted by Angelika Wedberg, 30, in the Goteborgs-Posten.

Her phone started ringing and job offers poured in. She even got an interview with a company that offered her a salary of about 18.000 crowns (2.800$) per month - an increase of more than a third on her current job as a care worker for the elderly.